Rehydrate your body, relieve your pain and stay healthy, youthful and active


Just 10 minutes of MELT, three times a week, is all you need to begin reducing the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living


"An Australian friend recommended MELT to me and I was very lucky to discover Julie was running a workshop close to home the following weekend . I went to that workshop & my husband went to the next one.


We were both convinced by the technique but especially by Julie.


We both attended the 6 week beginners session and moved onto the intermediate class.


Julie is a brilliant teacher and MELT has definitely helped us both.


We'll be going back in the spring for more and have recommended Julie's Melt classes to several friends."


Bridget, November 2018

“Before starting MELT with Julie I was regularly taking medication for lower back pain and sciatica.  This had been an ongoing issue for me for a number of years and was progressively getting worse.  I started working with Julie about 8 weeks ago doing the MELT class once a week and regular 10 minute sessions myself at home 2-3 times a week and I am now off my medication, and majority of the time pain free.

MELT has completely changed my outlook and now I can enjoy normal daily activities that I was struggling to to manage beforehand.  Julie is a very patient instructor and is very good at helping you with the moves ensuring you are doing them correctly and are confident to then be able to replicate at home.

MELT is not an onerous thing to do, it literally takes ten minutes a couple of times a week and from this you will see noticeable improvements.  It is also a great way to unwind at the end of the day and also assists with great nights sleep!"

Wendy, June 2018

“Five months ago I tore a foot ligament and frustratingly have been unable to play tennis or run since…


I started working with Julie and MELT just over a month ago and I am now back to playing tennis and starting to run again – importantly PAIN FREE.


MELT has now naturally become part of my weekly routine every other day for 10 mins – you really notice the difference in yourself each time….


Thank you Julie – not just for the “inspiration” to take it up but for your guidance and endless patience"


Cath, January 2018

“An amazing experience to re-hydrate and harmonize my body..."


Martine, April 2018