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    I love this way of releasing fascia in the body.  It is subtle and enjoyable and requires concentration which makes the sessions go really quickly.  Julie is a great teacher, with an absolute passion for the MELT method, and her experienced instruction takes you on a journey to  help ease and release tension in the body with a variety of foam rolling techniques.  It is so rewarding, and my body feels energised and more flexible after a session.

    Catherine – Otterbourne

    “As I suffer from arthritis I wanted to try the MELT method to compliment targeted exercise as a means of self-help. I have not been disappointed!  By attending Julie’s classes, I  have found MELT has made an enormous improvement to my movement and well being. Julie is a wonderful teacher and has extensive knowledge of the MELT method and how an imbalance in one area can affect a totally different area of the body. She provides detailed and clear instructions on the techniques in class and has a great ability to make you feel at ease. Julie is also very helpful and will answer any questions you may have and provides advice on  self-help moves targeted at specific problem areas. I am very grateful to both Julie and MELT  for the very positive changes they have made to my arthritis.

    Hilary – Swanmore

    “MELT is a really intriguing techniques which allows you to really improve your fascial mobility and posture without complicated exercises. It is both simple and profound. Julie is an accomplished and insightful teacher who helps you obtain the result you want.

    Patricia – Southampton

    “An Australian friend recommended MELT to me and I was very lucky to discover Julie was running a workshop close to home the following weekend . I went to that workshop & my husband went to the next one. 

    We were both convinced by the technique but especially by Julie.

    We both attended the 6 week beginners session and moved onto the intermediate class.

    Julie is a brilliant teacher and MELT has definitely helped us both.

    We’ll be going back in the spring for more and have recommended Julie’s Melt classes to several friends.”

    Bridget – Alresford

    “Before starting MELT with Julie I was regularly taking medication for lower back pain and sciatica.  This had been an ongoing issue for me for a number of years and was progressively getting worse.  I started working with Julie about 8 weeks ago doing the MELT class once a week and regular 10 minute sessions myself at home 2-3 times a week and I am now off my medication, and majority of the time pain free.

    MELT has completely changed my outlook and now I can enjoy normal daily activities that I was struggling to to manage beforehand.  Julie is a very patient instructor and is very good at helping you with the moves ensuring you are doing them correctly and are confident to then be able to replicate at home.

    MELT is not an onerous thing to do, it literally takes ten minutes a couple of times a week and from this you will see noticeable improvements.  It is also a great way to unwind at the end of the day and also assists with great nights sleep!”

    Wendy – Bishops Waltham